Oblique CuriositiesĀ isĀ David Ben Shannon (Liverpool, England) and Sarah E. Truman (Melbourne, Australia).

Our collaborative research interests include songwriting, affect theory, queer theory, Doctor Who (and other SF), and research-creation.

Our (agreed upon, when not fighting) music influences include Fever Ray, Joe Hisaishi, Brian Eno, Kishi Bashi, Kate Bush, Tunng, and Everything Everything.

Stay tuned for an Oblique Curiosities album in 2022.


Our album will be released in 2022 when we have some time and $ to record the lyrics properly (and are on the same continent!) and mix/master everything. Here are a few of our works in progress.

Written and performed by Oblique Curiosities.



Oblique Curiosities at The Deaf Institute in Manchester. Credit: Abi Hackett.